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BarMAK Systems is a Licensed Audio Video integrator based in Carlsbad, California;
Serving Southern California. San Diego County, and Orange County.
Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and more.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of services from consulting and design, through the build process and project commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and existing system upgrades.


We offer the latest professional equipment, at competitive pricing.


Clean, serviceable audio video installations performed carefully by skilled professionals.


Service and maintenance of existing systems and troubleshooting with intelligent techniques.


Programming can make or break a system. Programming control systems and universal remotes is our specialty!

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Design and consulting services are available for new systems, or old ones in need of a reboot.


We integrate a range of systems into the modern home or business. We are experienced with new construction, remodel and renovation. Large or small, even simple upgrades or service work; we have you covered.


Distributed audio throughout your space. Music through your home, or background music in your office. Dedicated theaters, and multi purpose rooms are also great places to listen to streaming music that you love.


Video displays have become ubiquitous in the home and office. Flat panel displays, projectors, and LED panels make nearly anything possible. Get your TV, movies, streaming video, or digital signage wherever you need it.


The network is the foundation to a reliable system. Wifi access point installation puts the system in reach from anywhere, while hard wired network cabling brings the devices that require it the most reliable and high speed connection possible.


Possibly the most important piece of the puzzle is control. It's the user interface to all the actual equipment. Systems can be operated by touch screens, remotes, or even a mobile device like an ipad or cell phone. With custom control system programming, the operation can be as simple to operate, or have as much detailed functionality as desired.


CCTV Security cameras can be used to provide onsite and remote viewing of live and recorded video. This provides piece of mind, and the ability to see what happened should an incident occor.


Traditional alarm system installations are the best form of security for people and property. Alarm system monitoring puts an automated response to many types of sensors including door and window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and more.


Controlled lighting adds convenience by enabling lighting to be operated from anywhere in the space and can remove the clutter of dimmers or switches for each light on the wall. A single keypad can control the entire room, individual lights, and other rooms or groups of lights.


Automated shades are effortless to open and close. close the shades with your remote while you watch TV, then open them with the keypad on the wall to watch the sunset. Timers can be programmed to automatically lower or raise the shades relative to sunrise or sunset, room occupancy, or any trigger you can think of.

Why Choose Us?


Over 20 years in the industry. We are often brought in to finish the last 10% of a job left by a previous company because of an underbid, or inability to get everything working correctly. Trust Barmak Systems to deliver a completed system and see the project through until it’s finished.



We strive to provide competitive pricing, and fair honest billing. Much of our business is from existing clients and referrals. We value our clients and treat them accordingly. 


We are proud to be a small business. We consider it an advantage. It allows us to stand by our values, and communicate more effectively with our customers. Also, being small allows us to keep things simple and not get bogged down by the bureaucracy of a large company.


Communication and managing customers expectations is one of the challenges in this business. We do our best to understand a customers needs, and deliver what they want, not just attempt the most complex, fancy system we’re capable of.

About Our Company

BarMAK Systems is a licensed low voltage contractor located in Carlsbad, California. Specializing as a control system integrator, the company has completed projects in residential, and commercial/industrial markets for private, as well as institutional, government and military clients. We have experience with most electronics and technology found in the home, office, building, or venue. We look forward to meeting you and helping you complete your upcoming projects, large or small.

– Casey Barmakian (Owner)

Client Testimonials

“Casey has helped us numerous times with all things technical in our house from specialized automated shades and doors to TV full installations and connectivity.  He knows how to integrate and program whole house automated systems like the back of his hand as well as wireless connections for computers, etc.  His manner is very welcoming and thoughtful.  And he responds quickly to questions and any issues that may come up. I cannot recommend Barmak Systems highly enough.”

– Deena A.

“Used Barmak Systems for a new home purchase. The home had an existing Crestron audio system and it need to be updated. Updated the home audio system and added home automation for the lighting of the home. Also updated the home Wi-Fi system and added an outdoor audio/video system in the outdoor BBQ area. Casey was extremely knowledgeable and was able to handle all our audio/visual issues. A+++ rating.”

– Tom T.

“Barmak Systems has been my go-to provider of expert AV and network services on two custom houses. Casey is trustworthy, knowledgeable and efficient. He is an excellent source of up to date technical advice and provides thoughtful, cost-effective service in all matters related to home networks and complex AV systems. He is without a doubt the best technical professional with whom I have worked and I recommend him highly.”

– Andy H.

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